Love is what I feel
What we have is real
With you, I want this to be
as long as eternity

If love is what you feel
then you should have no fear
Soon we will seal the deal
and I’ll be nowhere but always near

This is love
This should be enough
even when things are tough
and trials are rough

How do I get to keep that smile on your face?
Your constant wrath leaves a painful trace
You often stare me down in disgust
suffocating me with your distrust

There’s only you
Why so blue?
Love, I still need to breathe too

What else can I do
to prove this love is true?
You make me walk on egg shells
Should I start crawling on broken glass?

don’t let me run out of steam
or soon this will be a dying dream
It would mean so much to me
if you stopped drowning yourself
in such vile jealousy…

…because it’s such a pity
and things can get deadly…


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